Trevor Blackman
Passion, Purpose, People, Progress

Trevor Blackman grew up in Leicester in the 1980’s. Aged 14, he walked into his local BBC radio station (whilst delivering sandwiches as a summer job) and asked for a job. Within 20 minutes he was asked to join BBC Radio Leicester as a youth reporter.

Trevor remained a regular fixture at BBC Radio Leicester whilst attending the University of Northumbria, where he studied Community Performance Arts and Community Studies. Joining forces with like-minded friends, he created ICE FM in 1994, Newcastle’s first student radio station to date. Torn between a career riding the airwaves or working with young people to develop their personal and social life potential, Trevor decided to marry the two.

Trevor moved to London in 1997, securing freelance work with Choice FM, BETV, and Kiss FM as an entertainment correspondent, whilst also working as a personal development youth worker for the London borough of Newham. Later he would join Liberty Radio as producer and presenter of his self initiated community chat show, The Message. Trevor was invited to become Head of Special Projects for Newham Education department in 1998 after helping to raise attainment levels in secondary schools. He also set up and managed the Newham ‘Revitalise’ projects for 3 years, which provided alternative educational programmes to Year 10 students excluded or at risk of exclusion from school.  

For 7 years Trevor has combined his love for the world of radio/TV and his passion for working with disaffected young people in London. But in 2002, when working as a Youth Consultant, Trevor decided to merge all his expertise in the direction of entertainment as a means of reaching youth issues.

Since 2002, Trevor has produced and presented over 20 months of live radio for BREAK FM in London. He has interviewed famous musical stars from Boy George to Edwin Starr. But it is In conversation which allows Trevor to talk to real people and real issue’s that effect so many people in Newham, that Trevor loves.  If you can reach just one listeners and help them move towards the positive for their life: whatever that maybe – then Trevor believes the show is worthwhile.

Trevor Blackman is noted for his ‘charisma and great big smile’, that’s what people say are his best features. But under that confidence, quick wittedness, bouncing liveliness is an intelligent comprehension of young people and a discerning grasp of their concerns in this day and age. He starts from the premise that there is more to young people than ‘the act they put on to survive’. He believes his rapport with them is his greatest gift. The proof is in the pudding – you just have to see and hear him at work.

Surrendering  beats 

You name the song and Trevor will dust it down and play it for you and yours. From 1920’s blues to modern groove’s – all the hits and yesterday and today – line up and played by our resident Mr Eclectic – Trevor Blackman. 

By the way - Trevor loves shaving his hair weekly, running in the morning (i.e. running to, rather than away from!!!), having people cook him gourmet food and is a signed up member of shopaholics anonymous. Trevor Blackman, an original surname, an original person, an original broadcaster.






































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