Nisha Sharma

Tut tut!

Name of show/job at break-

The A List – Asian Arts Show / Producer,
Presenter, Editor, Reporter, Tea Lady, Runner...shall I go on?

How do you spend your nights off?–
Having dinner with the Dalai Lama, chin wagging long distance with Nelson Mandela, night clubbing with Oprah or commuting (extra long distance) with Gandhi. Or just relaxing at home with a G n T, some wicked spiced olives and great company.

Describe yourself in one word-

Favourite Item of clothing-
Contact lenses.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Live life with zest, vitality and commitment today…and you won’t have to look ahead – it will already havehappened.

What does community mean to you?
It means roots to me. Community is where it is. It’s where it’s born. It’s where the soul is, the life is, the purpose is. And whether you stay in it or use it as inspiration or a spring board to something else, it will always be your rock at the end of the day, even when you’re flying high.

Favourite thing to do in Newham-

Listen to gossip on the bus.

Quick Fire Questions-

Pub or Club?
Gourmet restaurant with a dance floor actually darrrrlink!

Coffee or Tea?
Decaf or herbal. Sometimes hot Ribena!

Wine or Beer?
Mohito, G n’T (in the afternoon), whisky and ginger ale, Spritzer (naff I know)…and OK a good vintage red. And of course some lovelyjubbly bubbly sweetie!

Barbados or Bognor?
Allergy to tropical sun! NY shopping instead!

Heinz or Economy beans?
No contest, Heinz of course.

East London's 'The A LIST' Asian Arts Show on Break FM Newham

of 'The A List' Asian Arts Show, is looking as packed as ever.


With previous series always attracting the cream of the Asian arts and music scene and for this series, nothing's gonna change! For your listening delectation the mix is still vibing. The new series kicked off with guests Aishwarya Rai and the Sonik Gurus! And to come over the weeks watch out for music guru Bally Sagoo, Bollywood's Vivek Oberoi, soul singer Nina Jayne,
Bollywood director Subhash Ghai, respected sitar maestro Shujaat Khan,motivation guru Arvind Devalia, award winning artists the Singh Twins, Suketu Mehta number one in India's best seller list, desi rocker Diamond from Swami, as well a host of others from the Asian Music, Film, Theatre,Art and Literary world and Bollywood.

Our thanks to the last series guests Hollywood's Christopher Lee, Gurinder Chadha, Jay Sean, actors Kulvinder Ghir and Paul Bhattacharjee, contemporary artist Balraj Khanna, The Deranged Marriage directors Pravesh Kumar and Apurva Asrani, Maz and Shazaad from Leos, Lucky Dissanayke WITH many more....and I hope you enjoyed our special Big Apple reports from New York's
Kush scene with fusion maestro Karsh Kale, Sikh rapper Navdeep, 'Mutiny' film director Vivek Bold and Ethnotechno's Sank;

Break FM Newham is proud to have had the best of London's vibrant Asian arts scene on air with us in the last two years: Bollywood's Akshay Kumar, writer Tanuja Desai Hidier, David Beckham painter Sharon Lutchman, pop charter Raghav. sitar maestro Nishat Khan, fusion experimentalist DJ Nerm, producer
Rishi Rich, crooners Juggy Dee and Jay Sean, actors Ameet Channa and Raji James from Eastenders and South African Indian actor Rajesh Gopie, directors Michael Walling, Jatinder Verma from Tara arts, Sanjoy Roy and Nadia Fall, contemporary Indian artist Sidharth, Cineblitz magazine and a bevvey of
Bollywood starlets including Shilpa Shetty, actor and writer of Triads Yardies and Onion Bhajis Manesh Patel, comedian Sody Singh Kahlon and writer of erotica Shobha De, tabla guru Zakir Hussain, Nitin Sawney, Sudha Bhuchar from Tamasha, actresses Shelley King and Mamta Anand, the list goes on... If you have postings on anything Asian based - theatre, music, books, art,
show-biz news, events, films, press releases, concerts, club nights - get in touch - think eclectic for What's On/ Reviews/ Retrospectives and News spots.

The mix is high art meets popular culture, vibrant meets mellow - club funky fusion with a dash of bolly-bangra and a chill out zone.

I look forward to meeting you on the surf of the cyber and air waves

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