Jamie was an early starter in the music industry. Playing out in clubs & parties at the age of 16 and has always had a great passion for break beat and dance music. It was not long before he was a master behind the decks.  As his ambition and dedication grew, so did his superior art in mixing. 

 Cutting and scratching the records became an obscure way to mix, but Jamie pulled it off beautifully, all the way inspired by the luminaries of the likes of Jazzy Jeff and DJ Cash Money.

Since then Jamie has made a name for himself and obtained residencies at Martha’s Vineyard, Pulse, the Escape Club in Swansea and played for the following venues such as: Universe, Fantazia, Dance Planet, Kinetic, Obsession, Mount Fuji rock festival, Fabric, Ministry of sound, Cream fields, the escape club, Essence, Golden & Miami Ultra beach festival 2000, Golden the Cross (Work) 16mm & KHZ and so on…. while he continued to capture the spirit of dance music after being the resident at the Escape club he was asked to join the renowned band Hybrid as their scratch DJ/percussionist, where he was given the opportunity to travel the world, playing at some of the world’s most elite venues for over 3 years.

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