Listen to Grooveology for the best in Classic Soul tracks, Rear Groove, Jazz,Funk, Soulful House, Swing Beat and Classic RnB hits


Fridays 2-4pm

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Grooveology consist of Dee Francis, Steve Anthony and Ricardo S, we all come from similar back grounds whilst growing up in the east end of London in the late 70s 80s and early 90s so when it comes to music, especially from that wonderful era we pull out all the stops to take you back in time, remembering that vibrant colour full time, when it was all about the music. with versatile flavours that were fresh like those Classic Soul tracks, Rear Groove, Jazz, Funk, Soulful House, Swing Beat and Classic RnB hits. most have been sampled into today's modern hits, which tells you they still sound good today as they did back in the day. we like to bring light hearted humour to the show with Mr Anthony's dry jokes he thinks his funny? but you can be the judge of that. so what you waiting for tune in or log on for that Grooveology experience!
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